Marketing Is Hard. That’s Why We’re HEAR4U.

Independent practitioners have the biggest hearts and most passion out of anyone in the hearing aid industry.

You care and you bend over backwards for your patients in a way that corporate and big box stores can’t.

That extreme focus on service doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Sound Familiar?

  • I can sell hearing aids – the problem is getting patients in the door!
  • I know I need to do more marketing, but there never seems to be enough time.
  • Marketing is expensive and time consuming!
  • If only I could sell just a few more hearing aids a month.

Most marketing firms give you tactics to increase sales – tactics that work a few times but eventually start to lose their effectiveness over time.

Tired of the run around?


We’re Hear4U – a direct mail + digital marketing firm with a proven, easy-to-implement system that works long term! It’s not what Hear4can do that makes us great – it’s why we do it that truly sets us apart.

We’re a firm built solely for independent practitioners, by independent practitioners. Our team has over 30 years combined experience building and selling practices around the country, and we’ve learned several critical things along the way:

  • Independent practices are a dying breed.
  • Support for corporate entities is plentiful, while the independents are often left in the dust.
  • The “little guy” doesn’t have many places to turn for help.

That’s where Hear4comes in. We take care of the caretakers so you can focus on the work you love (and the reason why you got into this business in the first place).

Find out why our strategy sets us apart and what services we can provide you and your team today!

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We take the necessary and research to really get to know your practice in order to best serve you and your clients.


Through careful and practical planning, we set the wheels in motion for your practice’s emerging success.


It’s not right when it’s done – it’s done when it’s right! We clearly articulate our objectives and timetables with every practice we work with.


What good is a product if it doesn’t work? We make sure we get the best quality candidates.


We’re only satisfied if you are satisfied. This tireless approach to business lends itself to every practice receiving the highest-quality product direct from our experts.

Our Clients Say It Best!

Bary is not a guy that is trying to come in and sell a marketing plan that never works, we already know it works. He is very successful and well known all over in the industry. We are very excited and empowered by this new thrust of management and marketing we are being helped with Hear4U.
Kurt, Ft. Worth, TX
People are responding to the mailers, and I’m getting appointments that have been quality prospects. The mailers are attractive to the people in the market who need hearing help.
Zach, Tuscon, AZ
My biggest fear as a business owner is people not coming through the door. I know with my skill set that if I get people through the door, that I can bring them to terms with their hearing loss and move them forward. With Hear4U, their marketing strategies, and their online program, it’s helped take that fear away.
Tina, Phoenix, AZ

We’re Here To Rocket Your Business To The Top

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Let’s Get To Work!

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